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Post-Iron Bowl New Year’s Six Predictions | 2017 Season

So now that Auburn beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl 26-14 and Miami lost to Pittsburgh 24-14, the 2017-2018 New Year’s Six Bowls have become a little bit clearer. A lot of teams are still vying for the big pay day of these premier college games. In this video, I talk about what those games could look like and why they may hinge on the 2017 Big Ten Championship Game. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

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  1. I'm sorry but if they put bama in simply because they're bama, that would be a joke.. Bama's best win BY FAR is an LSU team that lost to TROY. May I remind you that in 2015-2016 OSU was hands down the best team in the country and the committee knew it, they spent the whole year at #1 after being a unanimous #1 to start the season. They got beat by a last-second field goal on a windy, rainy, 30-degree day in Columbus, but they were kept out because they "didn't have the resume" 'Bama getting in would be nothing short of a crime. The difference between them and that OSU team is that 'bama has honestly not looked impressive beating up on a down SEC. When they finally met a team of the same caliber it wasn't even a competition. Auburn dominated that game much more than the final score eludes…

  2. non playoff:
    Peach: UGA v Memphis Or UCF
    Orange: Bama v Miami
    Fiesta: USC v Notre Dame or OSU
    Cotton: Penn State v TCU or UW
    National Champ: Clemson

  3. Watch Georgia win, it's hard to beat a good team twice, no matter how you did it before

  4. Alabama wins vs Auburn


  5. I would love for my Dawgs to go all the way, but if not, I’m happy with their progress in year 2. 8-5 to 11-1 this year with a chance to have a couple more wins and at most 2 more losses…I’ll take it!

  6. What if Wisconsin wins (in), OU wins (in), Miami wins (in), Clemson (CFP No. 1) loses a close epic game in the ACC championship and Auburn wins the SEC. Clemson and Auburn have the same record, Clemson won head to head. Shouldn't Clemson get the 4th spot and the SEC get excluded from the CFP?

  7. Do the New Years Six bowls have the same constraints as the BCS bowls? If so, three SEC teams couldn’t be in the New Years Six and UGA would likely be left out (assuming they lose to auburn)

  8. If Ohio State didn't get in 2015, why should Alabama get in this season?

  9. 4:20 I don’t want us to be in the Fiesta Bowl for the 3rd year in a row😭😂

  10. If Ohio State wins convincingly they’re in no doubt

  11. Oklahoma vs auburn in rematch in sugar bowl

  12. How would two loss Auburn be ahead of undefeated Wisconsin?

  13. Big UW fan here from Seattle; Go Dawgs! Just found your channel. Great stuff! There is a lot of talk out here about east coast bias in college football. Have you ever done a show about that or have any thoughts? You seem pretty fair minded from what I've seen so I'd love to hear what you have to say. Could be a potential topic for a show…

  14. What I would do:
    My rankings going into this weekend:
    1 Wisconsin 12-0
    2 Oklahoma 11-1
    3 Clemson 11-1
    4 Auburn 10-2
    5 Georgia 11-1
    6 Miami (FL) 11-1
    7 Alabama 11-1
    8 Ohio State 10-2
    9 USC 10-2
    10 TCU 10-2
    11 UCF 11-0
    12 Penn State 10-2
    13 Stanford 9-3
    14 Washington 10-2
    15 Memphis 10-1
    16 Notre Dame 9-3
    17 Northwestern 9-3
    18 LSU 9-3
    19 Michigan State 9-3
    20 Washington State 9-3
    21 Toledo 10-2
    22 Oklahoma State 9-3
    23 San Diego State 10-2
    24 Virginia Tech 9-3
    25 Troy 9-2

    Clemson (interchangeable with Miami (if this is the only change))
    Boise State
    App State

    Rankings going into the Bowls (and Navy vs. Army)
    1 Wisconsin 13-0
    2 Oklahoma 12-1
    3 Clemson 12-1
    4 Auburn 11-2
    5 Alabama 11-1
    6 USC 11-2
    7 Georgia 11-2
    8 Penn State 10-2
    9 Miami (FL) 11-2
    10 UCF 12-0
    11 Washington 10-2
    12 Ohio State 10-3
    13 TCU 10-3
    14 Notre Dame 9-3
    15 Northwestern 9-3
    16 LSU 9-3
    17 Michigan State 9-3
    18 Washington State 9-3
    19 Oklahoma State 9-3
    20 Toledo 11-2
    21 Virginia Tech 9-3
    22 Troy 10-2
    23 Michigan 8-4
    24 San Diego State 10-2
    25 Boise State 10-3

    Drops Out of Rankings:
    13 Stanford 9-4
    15 Memphis 10-2

    Sugar: 2 Oklahoma vs. 3 Clemson
    Rose: 1 Wisconsin vs. 4 Auburn
    Fiesta: 6 USC vs. 13 TCU
    Peach: 7 Georgia vs. 10 UCF
    Orange: 9 Miami (FL) vs. 5 Alabama
    Cotton Bowl: 8 Penn State vs. 11 Washington
    Teams Left Out Complaining:
    12 Ohio State
    14 Notre Dame

    14 ND goes to Buffalo Wild Wings vs. 16 LSU
    12 Ohio State goes to the Outback Bowl vs. South Carolina

  15. UCF would actually be 12-0 not 13-0

  16. I’m going to come to where you live and beat you silly, Auburn regardless of how many good wins they have cannot pass an undefeated Wisconsin in the playoff rankings. Auburn 4, Wisconsin 3

  17. Sugar Bowl
    1. Clemson vs. 4. Georgia
    Rose Bowl
    2. Oklahoma vs. 3. Wisconsin
    Orange Bowl
    Miami vs. Georgia (wishful thinking)
    Peach Bowl
    Alabama vs. UCF (Oh Shit)
    Fiesta Bowl
    Ohio State vs. Stanford
    Cotton Bowl
    TCU vs. Penn State
    National Championship
    1. Clemson vs. 2. Oklahoma
    Champion: Oklahoma

  18. psu has 2 losses by a total of 4 points, both games on the road against 2 teams ranked in the top 20 in the last week of the regular season ( osu & msu ) thats a pretty damn good record and it would be nice if psu could get in one of these better bowl games WE ARE

  19. If tcu loses to Oklahoma then wouldn’t they have the same record so don’t rule out the Irish

  20. Actually, since auburn is in Alabama and alabama is closer to New Orleans. Then auburn and Oklahoma would play in the sugar bowl

  21. As an current student at Alabama I honestly don’t think we deserve to get in cause we will just get beat again. We haven’t played any genuinely good teams other than Auburn all year and our offense is not that good. Just take a good bowl game and reload

  22. I think the winners of the championship games are in the playoff unless TCU beats Oklahoma, putting Alabama in.

  23. #3 Auburn over the only top 10 undefeated undefeated team that's stupid

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