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  1. Kuv ntseeg tias 18 xeem tsis tau los xaiv tsa lub koom haum no sub, yog li 18 xeem tsis muaj kev cuam tshuam txog kev xaiv tsa cov ntxhais Hmoob no……! Koom haum Hmoob tsiab 30 nyob Sacramento peb xeem Lis tsis tau tuaj ntawm 18 xeem tuaj khiav hauj lwm rau lub tsiab 30 no.

  2. Honestly, this question is very irrelevant to the pageantry and unfair to this contestant. One, in a Hmong clan, only a male, born into the family can be the clan leader or represent that clan. two, she as a Miss Hmong can not do anything to how each clan decides their clan leader. Finally, Sac New Year has nothing to do with how each family decides their clan leader as well.

    This question is out of the context for this pageantry. Feel sorry for her that she has to answer this irrelevant question!

  3. As a Miss Hmong you can't do anything to select the clan leader. It's up the the clan and their clan how they decide who's the leader. This question was unnecessary.

  4. What a dumb and irrelevant question.

  5. this question is definitely a great question. however, i agree that it's an irrelevant question too because miss california will not be given the opportunity to work side by side with the board members of the 18 clan. if miss california is or will be given that opportunity, Nkauj Kiab answered it great. i have no reason to believe she wouldn't follow thru with everything she said. she's definitely one of the contestants i thought would be placed. she's a bright young lady who i believe will exceed everyone's expectation when she puts her mind and heart to it. u r definitely a powerful woman and have a true beauty that shines thru from inside out.

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