Midnight Glitter New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial | Real



Our New Year’s resolution? More glitter! Ring in the new year with this dark, sparkly New Year’s Eve makeup by Sam from Real Techniques.

Start your year right with Real Techniques! To get this festive look, start by using your Miracle Complexion Sponge to apply a light coverage foundation in areas where needed. Use the Definer brush to lightly fill in and darken brows. Apply a dark glittery cream eyeshadow to lids using the Base Shadow brush. Go back in with the Shading brush to apply a navy eyeshadow closer to the lashes. Use the Medium Shadow brush to blend colors evenly. Make the eyes pop by adding a gold liner along the top lash line with the Fine Liner brush. Apply more glitter on top of the liner for added sparkle. Darken eyes by applying a navy liner along the bottom waterline and adding fake lashes or mascara. Add a pop of color to the face by applying a soft blush to cheeks using the Multi task brush. Finish the look with a nude pink lip liner and light matte pink lipstick. Watch to see the full tutorial and finished look!

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  1. The discount codes on the Real Techniques site during Black Friday did not work. I emailed customer service and contacted them via Instagram as well to no resolve. They didn't bother responding. As a long time customer, I am very disappointed with this brand.

  2. Sam love you girl but this look didn't do it for me. Not sure if it was the excessive glitter or the eyeshadow needing more blending out, but it's not the one. Looking forward to seeing more festive looks from you guys & that sponge case is an amazing idea!! Xx

  3. so nice that you didn't do much with your eyebrows for this look. And I can really imagine many girls would and it would just look so drag and tasteless…Anyways, thank you for the video, I really enjoyed it as usual 🙂

  4. Love the look Sam. Gave me ideas for holiday parties! Love how subtle you went with the face and the lip. Love love your style of makeup, YT has become the home for complete coverage and perfect makeup and it makes me miss your grungy edgy looks.

  5. I loved the eyes till you added the extra glitter on the lid after the lashes. But everything was beautifully applied (as always). Your skin is so gorgeous and I loved the lip with the eyes. <3

  6. Idk I just think this looks a little messy. I see the look she was going for but I feel the eyeshadow could have used a little bit more blending and with there already being glitter liner and the eyelashes already having a glitter band… adding more glitter seemed a little unnecessary to me. Just my opinion. 🤷🏽‍♀️


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