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College Football Playoff Predictions + New Year’s Six Bowls – Who We Think Will Be In

See who we think will get in the 2017-2018 College Football Playoffs heading into the Conference Championship games this weekend. We also look at who we think will get in the New Year’s Six bowls and where they might land.
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  1. Just sayin, if all the higher ranked teams win, I get 3 out of 4 in my preseason prediction, too bad my other choice was Florida st rip

  2. really ucf… wow
    no respect for uga or sec

  3. No respect for UGA. I believe we will get our revenge

  4. I usually agree with you but are you high that Wisconsin will beat Ohio State and auburn will beat Georgia. I just think you are way off

  5. What coach would be ideal once Jimbo Fisher leaves Florida State this offseason?

  6. 1.Oklahoma Sooners
    2.Georgia Bulldogs
    3.Wisconsin Badgers
    4.Miami Hurricanes

    5.Alabama Crimson 6. USC Trojans

  7. I think that powers at large will try to but Miami and Georgia in a New Year's Six Bowl (if both of them lose) just imagine the draw for that game

  8. If these bowls are right then Ohio state's last game in 3 seasons would be in the Fiesta bowl.

  9. Even though I am a clemson fan I like all of the Tiger teams so if it's not clemson who wins it I hop it's auburn

  10. Yea boi it's gonna be Auburns Year 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  11. Ucf is gonna beat Georgia is they play

  12. Auburn won’t be able to stop Oklahoma’s offense. Be close like last year til halftime and then OU will pull away 35 – 20

  13. I think Oklahoma beats Auburn and goes on to win it all. And as much as a hate to admit it as a Penn State fan, I think whoever we play in a bowl game, PSU will put on a show in the first half but then choke in the fourth quarter. Also I’d love to see Alabama vs Miami and Ohio State vs USC

  14. No chance for Georgia going to playoffs

  15. It would be a hell of a game but we will eat there defense alive in the 4th and win 45-38

  16. #1 Clemson
    #2 Auburn
    #3 Oklahoma
    #4 Wisconsin
    #5 Alabama
    #6 USC
    Like if you agree

  17. Sports Gaming 1 War Damn Eagle!

  18. The SEC is down this year though. Only 4 head coaches in the sec have the same job as they did in 2013 I believe. Gus Malzahn, Nick Saban, Derrick Mason, and Mark stoops. I believe the SEC was in its prime maybe in like 2010…. even teams like Florida, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Mississippi State were really good along with the top teams like Alabama, LSU, and AUBURN. It was just really good all around the conference that year. What is your opinion?

  19. You need to realize this Sports. Oklahoma is known as the SEC destroyer watch out!

  20. Just Remember that Ohio State Lost Nick Bosa in the Iowa game for targeting

  21. not a shock you picked the team you are a fan of to win

  22. So, you got Ohio State getting beat, huh? GO BUCKS.

  23. Sorry not going to happend Georgia pulls the upset Auburn 31-27 final Sports gaming 1

  24. Georgia has no more loses this season! GO DAWGS! Time to get that revenge and eat! Auburn will be to comfortable after beating 2 number 1 teams and not play their best, but Georgia is focused. They know what they did wrong and changes have been made. Y’all just wait.

  25. Oklahoma to take it all!!!!!!

  26. dude are you on drugs auburn beating ou oh i get it your trying to be funny the same reason ou beat them last year is the same way they will do it again ou has played several teams setup like auburn is plus i think they will still have injury problems and quarterback is nothing special as far as big 12 quarterbacks saying all that has auburn played anyone like ou this year and before you jump off and say clemson stop you know thats not right pass defense is not only a problem they have had little experiance playing the kind of game they will have to play auburn will have to support secondary with part of the front 6 or 7 and when they do the running game will be opened up i dont think pass rush is going to be a factor mayfield really good at dumping ball at side of pressure i understand ou defense has issues but i believe its going to be easier for them to have some sucess playing auburn style of offense than auburn to play against ou style of offense this may sound off but to win title i believe ou toughest game is against tcu rematch the one thing that im pretty sure of is i could have done alot better job ranking teams than the commiittee has their not even trying to hide their biased BCS was alot better than this crap at least there was a formula for rankings this eye test BS is so bad and some of the exuses for clemson biased is hillarious beating 6 teams with winning record would be the worst ive ever heard if it wasnt for beating 9 teams ranked in the top 40 how does kirby say that crap with a straight face

  27. oh yea and as far as wins value over losses i think not i think they dont have any criteria that values wins losses resume i think they will put in who they want regardless of any of it and thats why its so bad

  28. Hey someone else has been high on auburn and called them a threat
    And all I have to

  29. As a PSU fan, I would love to kick TCU's but.

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