What Koreans Do Every New Year!!


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  1. That cards reminds me of school day, in school we use to play Christmas games and exchange cards before winter vacation.
    We even made cards, handmade cards from friends are more special…
    Yup, girls do love to write diaries and to decorate them (exception me), but they don't just use it for what they had do, will do or have to do, & if you think you will get lots of secrets but its not really is. I remember my friend use to write lyrics of their favorite songs…😆
    🎅Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 💕

  2. So cute getting excited over stationery. I'm curious as to why Koreans bow to and receive money from elders. Please give meanings and explanations as your culture is very interesting.

  3. Not to be extra™, but any time someone mentions marriage it makes me so upset that my stomach actually hurts because all my friends are getting married except for me LOL. Here's to finding love in 2018 :')

  4. Lots of luck for your new year resolutions DANNY and DAVID as a well wisher and fan I hope you guys achieve 500k early next year and I can’t wait to watch Danny getting her soulmate SERIOUSLY ☺️

  5. Thanks for showing the Hallyupedia boxes. The New Year's box will be a great Christmas present I can send to my friend's grand-daughter. She is going to Korea with her family during the Olympics since her grandma is a coach for the Canadian Women's Curling team.

  6. Awww…. I wonder if Danny is in that awkward phase where all your friends are coupling up and you feel left behind. That is a sucky feeling! Don't worry, Danny, you got this! Your number is just about to be called. Your girl is probably right around the corner, my man!

  7. I really liked this video! I’ve been subscribed to you guys for a while so it was nice to see a video where I learned a lot more new information about your culture. In my culture we don’t really do any of these things 🙃


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