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Wrestler John Cena Broke Up With Long-Term Fiance Nikki Bella And We Did NOT See That Coming

John Cena is perhaps one of the most recognized wrestlers in our part of the world. We were especially excited when there was a rumor floating about that he’s visiting Pakistan. But this time around, the news is a lot more heartbreaking than before.


Earlier today, E! News announced that the John Cena and his long-term girlfriend and fiance Nikki Bella have parted ways

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The news came as a shock to many as the two seemed very very much in love

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And they never shied away from showing it in public

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Especially after their very public proposal, too

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Rumors are that Nikki is the one who wanted to settle down and John didn’t want a relationship to come between him and his career



The news has come has come as a shock to many and there are people heartbroken all over the world

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People were trying to tell John Cena that he was making a huge mistake by ending the relationship and that it’s time for him to start a family with Nikki

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Some just couldn’t believe what had happened

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Or contain their heartbreak

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There were those who were going all out in their support for Nikki and that she shouldn’t let this bog her down

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There were obvious jokes made

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And some speculations

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There were so many people who were so emotionally invested in their relationship

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There were those who were still hopeful for a patch up between the two

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And those who were telling her to take a break for her sake

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And obviously those who were rooting for them to be together again

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In all of this, John Cena, himself, put this up on his Instagram

Source: @johncena / Instagramjohn

And just, awww


While we’re pretty heartbroken, we want to know what you think of this development in their relationship. Let us know in the comments below.


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