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I Am A 23 Year Old Pakistani Woman And I F*CKING HATE LAWN

Lawn season has officially commenced and already we have been hit with, Sold-out collections, source: sairarizwan.com A marketing nightmare, Sana Safinaz/ Instagram And a whole lottttta prints. source: sobianazir.com Well in my opinion – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The craze of lawn in Pakistan has always been ridiculous. We’ve got sold …

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Sana Safinaz Might Have Seriously Messed Up With Their Offensive New Lawn Campaign And People Are Not Happy

As you all already know, it’s officially lawn season! source: Elan/ Facebook   One very popular clothing brand, Sana Safinaz has just released their 2018 Lawn campaign and wow, they messed up. The company has taken a hundred steps back with their offensive new campaign and the exploitation is derogatory. …

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