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“Aakhri Station” Just Ended And It’s Left Us With SO Much More Than We Could Have Ever Imagined

‘Aakhri Station’ drew to a close yesterday and honestly, we are pretty sad it’s over. This last episode was particularly insightful and also heartwarming towards the end- the perfect end to a brilliant mini-series. This episode started as a continuation of Shumaila’s story. What ‘Aakhri Station’ did so incredibly was to break …

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This Week’s ‘Aakhri Station’ Episode Sheds Light On Mental Illness

The ‘Aakhri Station’ episode opens with Tehmina sitting with her father. In this first scene, her father brings up her marriage to a family friend’s son, Rehan.  Source: Khoosat Films She agrees, but she seems rather nonchalant about it. In this scene, we also learn that her mother has passed …

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This Actress From “Aakhri Station” Just Brilliantly Spoke Up In Defence Of Sex Workers In Pakistan

Miniseries ‘Aakhri Station’ is the only constant in Pakistani television these days. Despite a plethora of dramas premiering on telly, ‘Aakhri Station’ has barely fluctuated in content, only progressing with each episode and tragically keying in on social taboos in Pakistani society. From HIV to prostitution and marital abuse, the Sarmad Khoosat production is …

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This Week’s “Aakhri Station” Episode Is A Traumatic Glimpse Into The World Of Drug Addiction

*WARNING SPOILERS* “Mujhe apne jeenay ka haq chahiye” Source: Khoosat Films   This week’s harrowing episode depicts the piercing downfall and drowning aftermath of drug abuse. Pervaiz, played by our very own Adeel Afzal is the heroin addict who spends his days wallowing in his self-destructive cycle of drug abuse. He neglects …

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This Week’s “Aakhri Station” Episode Shows That Marital Abuse Is Prevalent In Every Class

Each week ‘Aakhri Station’ follows the story of one of the women in the train cabin. This week Farzana takes the main spotlight. This week’s episode follows the story of Farzana and Sajjad. Both of them belong to middle-class families and are university educated. In fact, the couple met in university …

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