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Here’s How Actress Nadia Jamil Changed The Lives Of These Street Children When She Adopted Them

Adoption is often not considered an option by many Pakistani parents. The reason is the stigma attached to the concept of adoption.   A country where women are beaten, divorced and even killed for not producing the desired offspring; adoption is never really considered as an option for parents. Couples …

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13 Times Mawra Hocane Proved That She’s Perfected The Art Of Being The Kabab Mein Haddi

  So, all of us know that being a kabab mein haddi isn’t a particularly nice to do to a couple, but like that ain’t stopping us. In the third wheel club is none other than our very own Mawra Hocane. Ever since Urwa and Farhan got married, Mawra’s mastery over being …

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