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Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Taking The Perfect Selfie By Your Favorite Pakistani Actors

If you ever thought selfies were primarily a gal thing, then boy oh boy are you in for quite a treat. Pakistani actors are coming in strong in the fiercely competitive game of selfies, and they’ve legit mastered the art to the utmost perfection. Who knew our boys were so talented …

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“Ho Mann Jahan” Can Teach Us A Lot About Chasing Our Dreams

‘Ho Mann Jahan’ released some 2 years ago and was met with mixed reviews. Some loved it, while others saw it as a very typical storyline. Thinking back to the plot, there are many things that can be taken from it. First off, your dreams and your aspirations are important- take …

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13 Valuable Life Lessons To Treasure From Umera Ahmed’s Dramas

The writers behind Pakistani dramas put in their heart and soul into the screenplays that we get to watch, and the raw emotions and sentiments actually shine through the dialogues and hard hitting words that some of our favorite characters speak. One such writer is the extremely gifted Umera Ahmed, …

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Here’s What Mahira Khan’s Journey To Becoming The Best In Pakistan Has Been Like

Mahira Khan is a name that doesn’t warrant an introduction. She’s one of the most popular faces in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She gave Bollywood one of its biggest hits, last year. And there was also some intense controversy around the woman. But she powered through all of it with …

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You’re Only A True Fawad Khan Fan If You Guess 9/11 Of These Questions Correctly

Fawad Khan is an icon, a man who, according to himself, wanted to ruin a generation with his music. While the better part of 2000s was filled with headbanging, loud vocals, two men on drums and all our angst coming to life, Fawad changed his career fields and got into …

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