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Aisha Khan’s Husband Dancing To “Aicha” For Her Is THE Cutest Thing You’ll See

There’s quite a lot that has happened at Aisha Khan’s shaadi events, so far. While we initially thought that all we would see from the low key affair would be a few pictures and maybe a few videos, too, we got a little more   While it was Aisha looking like a …

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Aisha Khan And Her Husband Danced To “Despacito” At Their Mehndi And It Was FUCKING LIT

April 13, 2018 Aisha Khan’s low-key mehndi took place last night, and while festivities and pictures surfacing on social media were kept to a mere minimum, we got a beautiful glimpse of the bride and groom who looked dashing as ever (and one MAJOR freaking moment that has us on fire).   …

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Aisha Khan Just Shut Down The ‘Jeena Joke’ After Her Mehndi

April 13, 2018 It wasn’t long ago when Aisha Khan announced her retirement from acting. And not long after that, she announced that she was getting married to Major Uqbah. The mayun took place the night before and the mehndi took place last night. The mehndi was quite a private affair, with close friends and …

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