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Ali Zafar Just Tried To Troll Imran Khan And It Backfired. BADLY

It’s all fun and games on Twitter until a celebrity trolls another celebrity; then it’s absolute chaos, mayhem and also very joyous when everyone chips in on all the fun. These days, PSL is the most talked about topic these days within Pakistani Twitter, with memes, playful mocking, opinions and …

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Oye Suno, Can You Guess Who These Pakistani Celebrities Are JUST By Their Smiles?

There are a lot of things we appreciate about the fine, fiiiine men of the Pakistani entertainment industry. Whether it is their hair, or their clothes, or their eyes, the way they speak, the way we have imagined walking into sunsets wi…. (wait did we just say that out loud?). Khaiiiiir, there …

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Shehzad Roy’s Latest Performance Has These 27 People Searching For His Jawaani Ka Raaz

Pakistanis all grown up watching Shehzad Roy swoon ladies with his songs. We’ve grown up watching his music videos. We’ve grown up loving his music and dancing to it into the wee hours of the night. Amidst all of this, if there is one entity that hasn’t grown up is, …

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