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This All-Girls Team Is Representing Pakistan At An International Racing Event & It Couldn’t Get More Badass

You all probably know about team Auj by now, they’ve made waves due to the unique nature of their team and the amazing events that they will be representing Pakistan in.   What is Auj? The first question that must pop into your head is what does Auj really mean? …

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Meet Rafia Baig From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, The FIRST Pakistani Woman To Join The Bomb Disposal Unit

Pakistani women are shattering gender stereotypes like never before. When they’re not busy taking to the streets… The Aurat March 2018 is happening! Join us for spreading the word for economic justice, reproductive justice and environmental justice. pic.twitter.com/DAkFnATljr — AuratMarch2018 (@AuratMarch2018) February 9, 2018 …and inviting you to do the …

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