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If You’re Having A Bad Day, Here’s Proof That You’re Not Alone In This World

Often at times, many of us feel down and are having a bad day but really, deep down, there may be something more specific happening.   The reasons for your “bad day” might vary; a friend said something that hurt you, a sudden anxiety attack or just you feeling depressed …

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17 Struggles You Can Relate To If You’re Painfully Shy

If you’re a shy person, you know that it can basically be the worst thing in the world. Everything from not being able to make friends in class to feeling extremely awkward when going to family gatherings. Source: Deenga WELL, we are here today to let you know that you …

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There’s A Viral Pimple Popping Toy And It’s The Worst/Best Guilty Pleasure Known To Man

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who love popping pimples and people who hate it. WARNING: If you hate it, sorry to break it you but this is not the article for you. Source: @Much Via: Giphy   If you LOVE popping pimples, we just found …

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