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These Students From NCA Are Creating Mental Health Awareness Through Art And It’s So Inspiring

Can art really influence a young mind and have positive effects? Does art count for therapy?   Meet Maham Nadeem, a painter, and Nadeem Alkarimi, a film-maker ― two students from NCA who believe that art can do all of that and so much more They’re doing all this and …

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Just 18 Stunning Photographs That Prove That The IBA Campus Is Actually Straight Up Art

If you’re an outsider, the first few things which come to your mind when you hear about IBA is definitely not the campus (unless you’ve been there, of course). Now, I’m not fangirling at all, but the campus here is truly a heaven for photographers, architecture junkies, and bonus if you’re into …

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This Museum In The Walled City Of Lahore Is Hands Down One Of Pakistan’s Best Kept Secrets

Fakir Khana Museum is one of Lahore’s great unkept secrets and probably one of the most insane things you will ever see in this town. Source: Fakir Khana Museum Via: Facebook Like, INSANE. Source: Fakir Khana Museum Via: Facebook Run by the Fakir family in Lahore, it is home to …

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This Cool Art Exhibition Just Took Place At A Metro Station In Lahore It’s The Most Brilliant Idea Ever

From the 17th to the 19th of February, the Pakistan Photo Festival held an art exhibition at the Kalma Chowk Station and Canal Metro Station in Lahore. And it was absolutely brilliant. We are overwhlemed with the massive turnout on 1st day of PPF Fellowship Exhibition!It’s on for two more days! Don’t… …

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This Pakistani Model Is Breaking Into The World Of Art And It Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Rehmat Ajmal, one of the strongest faces in the Pakistani fashion world, holds more than meets the eye. Apart from her success in the modeling world she is actually an extremely talented artist, well rehearsed in the world of textile design. A recent graduate of National College of Arts, Rehmat Ajmal …

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