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This Restaurant In Lahore Is Serving The Strangest Chocolate Tikkay And Pakistanis Are Horrified

This restaurant in Lahore is serving the strangest thing and Pakistanis dwelling on the interwebs are shook af. Bhatti k Totkay in Raiwand, Lahore has been receiving a slew of disparaging comments for their specialty dish: spicy chicken tikka botis smothered in sweet chocolate sauce.   We’ve been blessed with *shivers* Nutella …

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The Ultimate Guide To Budget Friendly And Outdoor Barbecue Places In Lahore

Agreed that almost every restaurant in Lahore serves good barbecue but we’re here to tell you only the best. Given that it’s spring and the nights are windy, we need us some barbecue which isn’t only the best but also easy on the pocket. Here are some of our picks …

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