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We Asked Pakistani Women The Weirdest Things People Said When They Were Pregnant And They Did Not Disappoint

The experience of being pregnant in the Pakistani society is one hell of a task. It starts with every aunty conveniently touching your belly like its theirs and ends with what you can and cannot do during your pregnancy.   Questions about your birth plan also become a common practice, …

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This Pakistani Girl Talks About The Experience Of Abortion At A Local Clinic

Abortion in Pakistan is not a go-to option. This is primarily because of the belief that it is forbidden. However, many parents cannot either afford to have a child or just do not want one and in such situations, it makes one wonder if it’s better to choose abortion than …

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Am I A Bad Mother Because I’ve Just Given Birth To A Beautiful Baby But Don’t Want To Go Near Him?

The following narration follows a mother who’s recently given birth but is suffering from what is commonly understood as postpartum depression. *******************   No one told me that it was called postpartum depression. I cringed, I cried, I hurt myself and I loathed the sight of my baby – no …

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