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This Make Up Artist Just Recreated Iconic Pakistani Women’s Looks And It Is Absolutely Brilliant

International women’s day may be over, but people all over the world are still displaying their pride in the movement and how far we, as women have come and of course, how far we have yet to go. Source: Beyonce Vevo Via: YouTube And this pride, in particular, was displayed …

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Bilawal’s Beautiful Ode To How Benazir Bhutto Was An Incredible Leader And Mother Is Proof Of How Much Harder Women Work

While Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is currently chairing the Pakistan People’s Party, it’s no secret that he’s had to fill some gigantic shoes. His grandfather left a gaping hole in PPP’s framework – one that could only be filled to its fullest when Benazir Zardari stepped up to the plate. Source: pakistanpeoplepartyparliamentarian.blogspot.com …

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