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This Bollywood Gandu Claimed That Alia Bhatt’s Latest Movie Is About Sania Mirza And She Shut Him Down

April 11, 2018 Sania Mirza aka the ultimate Pakistani bhaabi has been nothing but full of love for both Pakistani and India Source: thenews.com.pk     She’s been happily married to ace Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik Source: bollywoodlife.com     This is Karan Talwar, founder of SnG Comedy, who goes by the …

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Pakistan’s National Bhabis Hung Out Together And This Couldn’t Get Any Better

March 8, 2018 It doesn’t get better than two of our bhabis gallivanting together and painting the town red. We have Saniera bhabi, who we adore/ can’t get enough of LOVE LOVE LOVE She’s immersed herself so beautifully in Pakistani culture, it’s incredibly heartwarming. She’s her own entirely and is an absolute queen. Main tou …

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