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17 Times Actor Affan Waheed Made Your Heart Beat Just A Little Faster

March 19, 2018 Affan Waheed has been taking the Pakistani drama industry by storm after delivering one amazing performance after the other, and quite a few in the pipeline. With his current blockbuster drama on air, right now, “Khamoshi”, on air, and the episodes raking in millions on views online, within days, …

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I Just Started Watching Drama “Khamoshi” And I’m Disgusted At How Money Can Blind People

Family dynamics can sometimes be pretty complicated. Sometimes there are rifts between, and sometimes family members plot against one another. Matters only get worse when money comes into the scene. “Khamoshi” is one such example of how families are torn apart when they get greedy about money. While I’ve only started watching …

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Here’s How These Pakistani Dramas Should Have Ended

Have you ever thought to yourself how different Pakistani dramas would be if they ended differently? You know how channels have the habit of ending dramas, that they’ve dragged on for months, super abruptly? And you keep wishing there was just something more? Or maybe your favorite tangent in the …

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