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Here Are 11 Of The Best Fanmade Trailers For Pakistani Dramas, You’re Welcome

March 27, 2018 We have all sat down and made imaginary dramas with our favorite characters in the lead. Whether or not they have appeared on screen together, whether they’ve ever been seen together or not is another story. But there are some people out there who went the whole …

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11 Text Messages That Could Have Saved Pakistani Dramas If Only They Were Sent On Time

March 21, 2018 Have you ever thought that some Pakistani dramas stretched on for waaaay too long? That a seemingly easy plot line was dragged over a whole bunch of episodes where we were made to sit through the whole thing to wait for the end? Well, so have we. …

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You’re Not A True Mahira Khan Fan If You Can’t Get 11/13 Of These Questions Right

Mahira Khan has been a champ, these past few years. She’s overcome criticism, hate, calls to ban her. Among all of this, she also delivered two stellar performances. One was her debut in Bollywood, opposite the King of the industry, Shah Rukh Khan. And the other was in one of …

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17 Of The Realest Things Pakistani Dramas Taught Me About Women

Pakistani dramas have given us a lot of lessons to learn in life. Whether it is lessons about love or parents or marriage, or just an insight into the lives of Pakistani families. How treacherous some people can be and how nice they can get, too. But if there’s one …

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Here’s What Mahira Khan’s Journey To Becoming The Best In Pakistan Has Been Like

Mahira Khan is a name that doesn’t warrant an introduction. She’s one of the most popular faces in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She gave Bollywood one of its biggest hits, last year. And there was also some intense controversy around the woman. But she powered through all of it with …

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