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Here’s The Sweet Journey Of How Jalebi Became Pakistan’s Favorite Meetha Snack

Meetha lovers’ special love for jalebi reigns supreme   Jalebi- the crispy, saccharine, orange swirls of dough that bring a ubiquitous smile on every desi’s face is shockingly enough not from South Asia. When I learned that, the fat Punjabi in me yelled in disbelief, “my entire life has been a lie! …

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If You Answer “Yes” To 8/12 Of These Questions, You Are Officially Obsessed With Chai

Many Pakistanis say they are absolutely addicted to chai. While this may be a fun thing to say, we all know that it takes a specific type of person. Being addicted to chai is a skill that has to be developed, not a title just to be claimed. via Deenga …

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