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17 Of The Most Popular Restaurants And Cafés For Hi-tea In Lahore

Hi-tea in Lahore is an elaborate affair   Hi-tea is a popular meal time here in Pakistan. f you’re interested in making a meal out of tea-time treats, several restaurants and cafes offer perfectly portioned afternoon-tea platters for two with an array of snacks and desserts. If however, you want to …

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Here’s The Sweet Journey Of How Jalebi Became Pakistan’s Favorite Meetha Snack

Meetha lovers’ special love for jalebi reigns supreme   Jalebi- the crispy, saccharine, orange swirls of dough that bring a ubiquitous smile on every desi’s face is shockingly enough not from South Asia. When I learned that, the fat Punjabi in me yelled in disbelief, “my entire life has been a lie! …

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If You Answer “Yes” To 8/12 Of These Questions, You Are Officially Obsessed With Chai

Many Pakistanis say they are absolutely addicted to chai. While this may be a fun thing to say, we all know that it takes a specific type of person. Being addicted to chai is a skill that has to be developed, not a title just to be claimed. via Deenga …

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Imran Khan Just Dipped His Pizza In Coffee And People Are Completely Losing Their Shit

Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi tabdeeli aa gayi hai!   Imran Khan was recently spotted dipping pizza in his coffee and people on the internet completely lost it. Chai rusk makes sense but who in the world dips pizza in coffee? WHO?! Source Conaco Apparently IK, but the question is: WHY! We’ve heard …

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Here Are Some Of The Most Common Desi Food Myths That You Need To Stop Believing Right Away

As a medical student, I would roll my eyes so hard whenever I would hear relatives who had never taken a single science class in their life, explain the “logic” behind food items I shouldn’t eat. When people say is cheez ki taseer garam hai, do they mean enthalpy? Every second …

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