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Lahore’s Favorite Dessert Place, Sweet Tooth, Is Exploring Exciting New Territories

Sweet Tooth, one of Lahore’s most favorite ice cream parlors, has just announced their next branch at… wait for it… Heera Mandi.   The brains behind Sweet Tooth, Mr. Umer Hussain, has always had something unique in mind for his business ventures. Sweet Tooth has gone as far as Mushkpuri …

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This Restaurant In Lahore Is Serving The Strangest Chocolate Tikkay And Pakistanis Are Horrified

This restaurant in Lahore is serving the strangest thing and Pakistanis dwelling on the interwebs are shook af. Bhatti k Totkay in Raiwand, Lahore has been receiving a slew of disparaging comments for their specialty dish: spicy chicken tikka botis smothered in sweet chocolate sauce.   We’ve been blessed with *shivers* Nutella …

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We Tried OPTP’s New Chocolate Fries And Honestly, The Internet Seriously Needs To Relax

If you’ve been on social media lately, you may have noticed a picture or Snapchat of these babies: Source: OPTP Via: Facebook OPTP is ‘celebrating chocolate week’ by introducing their new bucket of yums, #Asliaaloo Jumbo Chocolate Fries. Yup, you heard that right – chocolate covered FRIES. In the age …

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