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23 Of The Most “Ammi” Things All New Pakistani Mothers Do

Being a first-time mother is unlike anything you’ve ever attempted, bohot hee mushkil kaam hai. As if your own fretting and constant second-guessing isn’t enough, muft ke mashwaray from all your rishtaydaar always keep you on your toes. Here’s a sweet compilation of all the typical “ammi” things Pakistani mothers jumping into …

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13 Things Everyone Thinks Happens In A Kitty Party AKA Committee

Everyone in Pakistan knows about Kitty Parties or wait, committee parties? Hey friends! Super important question for you guys this morning, is it ‘Kitty Party” or ‘Committee’. 😀 — MangoBaaz (@mangobaaz) March 1, 2018 So while THAT debate settles, we all know that the inner workings of Kitty Parties are …

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The Most Desi Thing Just Happened At New York Fashion Week And We Are HERE FOR IT

If you’re a fashionista or have any kind of social media, you’ve probably noticed that it is currently Fashion Week in New York City. All the Bella Hadid’s, Gigi Hadid’s and Kendall Jenners of the world have come to don some of the most famous fashion designers in the industry. …

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