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This Islamabadi Guy’s Unique Proposal At A Restaurant Is Melting Everyone’s Hearts

We’ve all seen how people propose in western movies; the man gets down on his knee at fancy restaurants as his significant other discovers a ring in her glass of champagne. Tears are shed and a big YES (sometimes a brutal no, ouch) is said. And while we don’t have …

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Dhabas (And Restaurants) Around Lahore That Serve The Yummiest Daal Maash In The City

Daal maash, that one dish we think about when we remember ammi ka khaana. Many times when we’re quite sick of eating meat, we browse through options and options and it never occurs to us that something like daal maash exists at restaurants and dhabas too. We’ve compiled a list …

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Here’s The Real Story Behind Pakistan’s Favorite Deep-Fried, Golden Snack

I don’t remember a time there wasn’t a samosa in my life. Despite having a weak memory (thanks to religiously avoiding badaams), I can vividly recall my first impression of a samosa: a golden, deep-fried triangle. It was my 5th birthday and my mother had set out the dining table with …

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