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15 Completely Annoying Things Desi Parents Say When You Want A Pet

Share Tweet WhatsApp Desi parents hate the idea of adopting pets. They come up with some of the craziest reasons to shun you from bringing a “chalta phirta janwar” home. Here’s what they say when you tell them you want to adopt a cat or a dog: 1. “Tumhein paal rahe …

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This Army Public School Tried Encouraging Parents To Not Pressurize Their Kids But People Aren’t Happy

School can get a bit overwhelming, we all know that. There’s arguments with friends, pressure of work, challenges of growing up and the expectation to manage all of it without seeking any help.   Army Public School in Malir Karachi decided to remind parents one of the most crucial aspects …

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13 Effective Ways To Convince Your Parents To Let You Travel Alone If You’re A Girl In Pakistan

For most of us, traveling seems like one of the best ways to venture out into the world and explore things you have never experienced. What’s the point of living in this world if you can’t even see it!? Unfortunately, if you’re a girl living in Pakistan, this may be …

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