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This Is The Latest Pakistani Fashion Trend For The Summer And It Is SO Refreshing

Everyone knows Pakistanis love to get all dressed up, dolled up and made up. And honestly, we’re pretty amazing at it too. Well this past week, Pakistanis dressed their best when they strutted their stuff at the Hum Showcase by Pantene. Like, YAS. Bless. But the looks that really caught …

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Are You A Lawn Expert? Get 8/11 Of These Questions Right To Prove It!

Fighting in the streets, shit talking and a ton of strategizing? This can all only mean one thing, friends. Source: MangoBaaz IT’S LAWN SEASON BABY! Lawn season has come to Pakistan and women all over the country are running around to get their favorite designer’s prints. WELL, since lawn is …

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The Most Desi Thing Just Happened At New York Fashion Week And We Are HERE FOR IT

If you’re a fashionista or have any kind of social media, you’ve probably noticed that it is currently Fashion Week in New York City. All the Bella Hadid’s, Gigi Hadid’s and Kendall Jenners of the world have come to don some of the most famous fashion designers in the industry. …

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