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Ladies, This Is The ONLY Guide You Need To Become A Shareef Woman In Pakistan

Desi girls grow up adhering to a long list of do’s and don’ts. If you follow the list, you are a good, neik and absolutely shareef woman. And if you don’t, then haw haye! You are behaya and badtameez! To make sure you don’t end up being a disgrace to …

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If You Answer Yes To 11/18 Of These Questions, Your Bae Is Bae-emaan AF

Is your bae worthy of your trust? Does he sometimes act in a way that makes you doubt him? Is the boytoy made out of boyfriend material or are you just wasting your time? Take this quiz to find out if your bae is bae-emaan:           …

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13 Types Of Aunties Every Pakistani Has Grown Up With

Every kid growing up in Pakistan knows that there are some things only Desi kids can relate to. One of these? All the Aunties you grew up with. Source: ARY Films That’s right, all the aunties around you. Your khala’s, your phupo’s, your chaachee’s, (most of these are not related …

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These Inspiring Women All Across Pakistan Will Make You Say, YAAAS QUEENS

International Women’s Day is all about talking about issues pertaining to women all over the world – the day is a pledge to bring each other up and being stronger together because undoubtedly, there is strength in numbers. It embodies the message of having important femme conversations; one of which …

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This Woman Has The Perfect Response To Those Who Think Menstruation Is A Taboo Not To Be Discussed

The ban on the release of Pad Man has opened up a very important debate in Pakistan.   People in Pakistan, mostly women, have become more open to discussing personal hygiene and are raising awareness regarding various aspects of menstruation This includes menstrual hygiene, the use of sanitary napkins, tampons …

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Dear Desi Women, Here’s Why We Should Probably Start Making The First Move Ourselves

Picture this: There are two individuals who like each other. They’re pseudo-scening; flirting, making plans with each other in all their free time and what not – but no one’s addressed the elephant in the room yet. The guy’s considering asking the girl out. The girl’s waiting for the guy to …

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