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Here’s How Being Forced To Become A Doctor Or Engineer May Actually Ruin Your Life

Jobs in Pakistan are more than doctors and engineers   Choosing a career is one of the most difficult tasks in Pakistan. It still haunts me when I think about the time that I had to choose my undergrad degree after failing to secure admission in a Med School. I …

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A Pakistani Woman Fighting For Education Against Her Own Loved Ones

Malala’s no stranger to fame, controversy, love and hatred. The good thing in all of it is that she’s certainly undeterred by it all because she keeps on working hard toward her ultimate goals. Source: thewrap.com   For those of you who may not know how Malala’s journey began, here’s …

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People Are Appreciating Junaid Akram For Fixing This Government School To Support Education For All

You’re all aware of comedian Junaid Akram, right?  Source: i.dawn.com Well, Junaid Akram and Bekaar Films’ Mubeen ul Haq recently adopted a government school in Chakra Goth, Korangi. (Yes, you can legally adopt government schools in Pakistan.) youtube.com/man2die4 Junaid even tweeted about the progress they’ve made with the school.  Before …

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This Amazing Woman Has Opened A Tent School To Teach Children In Slums Of Hyderabad

The 8th of January is celebrated as the Sindh Education Day by the Sindh civil society. Fatima, a lecturer at the Sindh University, decided to work alongside members of Sindh Youth Network. They opened up a tent school to teach children in a slum of Naseem Nagar, Hyderabad. Saima Jafri …

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