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People Are Appreciating Junaid Akram For Fixing This Government School To Support Education For All

You’re all aware of comedian Junaid Akram, right?  Source: i.dawn.com Well, Junaid Akram and Bekaar Films’ Mubeen ul Haq recently adopted a government school in Chakra Goth, Korangi. (Yes, you can legally adopt government schools in Pakistan.) youtube.com/man2die4 Junaid even tweeted about the progress they’ve made with the school.  Before …

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This Amazing Woman Has Opened A Tent School To Teach Children In Slums Of Hyderabad

The 8th of January is celebrated as the Sindh Education Day by the Sindh civil society. Fatima, a lecturer at the Sindh University, decided to work alongside members of Sindh Youth Network. They opened up a tent school to teach children in a slum of Naseem Nagar, Hyderabad. Saima Jafri …

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