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Pakistani Women And Men Are Exposing Fuckbois And Fuckgirls In Secret Facebook Groups

This secret Facebook group war is SO ENTERTAINING. So before we get down to the dirty details, take a seat. Get a glass of water (because you’re going to need it), keep a tissue handy and get ready to ROFL.   Pakistani women had been naming and shaming desi fuckbois …

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This Hilarious Valentine’s Day Prank Is Every Guy’s Nightmare And Every Girl’s Dream Come True

Valentine’s day is a day meant to be filled with love. Love for your significant other, for your best bro’s, your best girlfriends and even your family. It’s a day to celebrate love!  Of course, not everyone has it that easy. Teehee. Zoya Azar Raza decided to play a prank …

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Private Groups On Facebook That Promote Child Pornography In Pakistan Are Flourishing

A private Facebook group have been found promoting child pornography and we’re sure there are more. Ever since Zainab’s tragedy, sexual abuse and discussion on sexual awareness for our children and adults, alike, has become a prevalent topic of discussion. It is unfortunate that such a terrible incident had to …

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