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People Are Trolling PIA’s New Ad So Much It’s Almost Too Painful To Watch

PIA has had its fair share of grievances in the past. Source: Deenga (That’s PIA, so to speak.) Everything from people trolling its service, it’s staff and even their planes. However, in what seems like an attempt to defend their airline, they recently put up this ad: We are the …

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13 Things Every 25-Year-Old Hates To Remember About Their 15-Year-Old Self

Share Tweet WhatsApp Whether it was your statuses on Facebook/Orkut or the way you used to style your hair with four pounds of gel, there are some things all of us can say we hate to remember from our ‘youth,’ lol. SO we asked around and rounded up some of the …

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13 Quotes From The ‘The Alchemist’ That Will Inspire You To Take Control Of Your Life

‘The Alchemist,’ by Paulo Coelho is one of the most widely read books in the world. From its lessons on life, to love to magic, it is on the list of book enthusiasts in every continent. Here are 13 quotes from The Alchemist that will immediately inspire you to take …

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Private Groups On Facebook That Promote Child Pornography In Pakistan Are Flourishing

A private Facebook group have been found promoting child pornography and we’re sure there are more. Ever since Zainab’s tragedy, sexual abuse and discussion on sexual awareness for our children and adults, alike, has become a prevalent topic of discussion. It is unfortunate that such a terrible incident had to …

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