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27 Of The Most Hilariously Inappropriate Food Items That Have Ever Existed

Have you ever come across a product that makes you raise your brows and wonder out loud what in the world was the marketing team smoking? I’ve often stumbled upon such gems in East Asian supermarkets. I’ve always wondered whether the term got lost in translation or if the product …

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The Ultimate Guide To The Most Delicious Burgers In Lahore That Every Burger In Lahore Needs To Try

These burgers in Lahore are for all burgers in Lahore 😉   Lahoris know, they have a never-ending love affair with food, especially burgers, since the first time they laid eyes on them. Just the thought of a fat, juicy burger makes us salivate and rightly so, they’re everything good …

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Fancy Restaurants In Lahore That Will Make Your Special Someone Say Qabool Hai

As soon as February commences, there is something in the air that reeks of couples and “love”. Whether you cringe at the commercialization of love and are only celebrating because you’re a renegade who wants to show their figurative middle finger to the establishment, or you’re a sappy romantic who …

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The time we tried multiple Valentine’s Day gift baskets

As soon as the second week of February rolls in, streets become full of vendors carrying heart-shaped balloons and flowers. Restaurants start advertising special price fixed menus and lovers start squirming restlessly wondering what to gift their partner. So what’s a person to do? Win her heart over with decadent desserts! Bonus …

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19 Of The Best Restaurants In Lahore Where You Can Eat Pait Bhar Ke Under 1000 Rupees

This article is from hungerist.com   There are plenty of great eateries and restaurants in Lahore for whenever you want to hang out with friends and family. If you’re someone who wants quality packed into cuisine but at a reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place. So whenever you feel …

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