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Maryam Nawaz Is Being Savagely Trolled For This Tweet About Her Bottle Of Coke

We all love to troll our politicians, there’s no dispute there. Particularly when the said politicians are in power and have been facing a few too many scandals for various reasons, it just becomes more entertaining, nahi? Something similar just happened with Maryam Nawaz, who often gets trolled by those that …

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Can Someone Please Explain To Me What ON EARTH Happened To Our Comedy Shows?

Who doesn’t love comedy shows? They’re a great way to get away from the stress of the day and just LAUGH. Especially in Pakistan, when sometimes things can get a bit dull, comedy shows are a way to remind us to smile. Pakistan has had a long history of comedy …

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13 Guilty Pleasures Everyone Hates To Admit But Loves To Have

February 25, 2018 Here’s the thing, there is nothing wrong with having guilty pleasures in life. Whether you love to bite your nails or watch chick flicks for DAYS, whatever it may be – your time is your time and you can do whatever you’d like to with it. Of …

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Oops, This Indian Air Force Office Apparently Just Gave Away Military Secrets To Pakistan For Nude Pics

He’s definitely majorly screwed   This Indian officer just got himself in big trouble and it isn’t even Valentine’s day yet. Naturally, with the “day of love and lust” approaching, many single folks are reeking of desperation. It’s totally understandable, considering everywhere you look, you are reminded that just like …

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This Pakistani Newspaper Just Made A NSFW Mistake And People Can’t Stop LOL-ing

One funny mistake led people to lots of laughs   Let’s just all agree for a second that no one in the world is perfect. Everyone can make mistakes, no big deal. It’s just that at times one party’s mistakes end up being a source of great amusement for the …

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