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Lindsay Lohan Wore A Hijab To The London Fashion Week And People Were Surprisingly REALLY Nice About It

If you’ve been following Lindsay Lohan’s spiritual journey, you’ll know that not only is it a very controversial one, it’s also been one that has made it’s way into headlines quite often.   So whether it was her starting a desi fashion line or completely wiping her social media off, she’s …

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13 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Life As A Hijabi

Wearing the hijab is a super personal decision about how someone chooses to practice their religion that comes with its own set of… really unique experiences and sometimes even struggles. Here are 13 hilarious tweets that basically sum up what being a hijabi can be like: via tumblr   1. …

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This Incredible Instagram Account Tackles Awkward Questions Hijabis Get Asked ALL The Time

Often, people create stereotypes based on people’s choice of clothes. One particular case that stands out is that of Hijabis. People create a very inhuman type of an image in their heads and end up asking Hijabis some very weird questions. A Muslim-American woman, who also happens to be a …

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