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These Two Friends Made A Ridiculous PSL Bet And The Internet Is Dying To See What Happens

Pakistan Super League, AKA, PSL is coming up towards the end of this month and fans are starting to get rallied up for the matches that are to come. Source: Deenga.com There’s nothing like some good cricket talk to get Pakistanis hyped up. Well, these two friends took their excitement …

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These Couples Shared How They Met Online And Their Love Stories Are So Entertaining

Valentine’s day is over but it seems the celebrations aren’t. “#WeMetOnTwitter” was trending and it consisted of people and couples all over the world explaining how they met their significant others on Twitter and well, lol, how they didn’t. Here are some of the best Desi tweets of people using …

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13 Things Every 25-Year-Old Hates To Remember About Their 15-Year-Old Self

Share Tweet WhatsApp Whether it was your statuses on Facebook/Orkut or the way you used to style your hair with four pounds of gel, there are some things all of us can say we hate to remember from our ‘youth,’ lol. SO we asked around and rounded up some of the …

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This Hilarious Valentine’s Day Prank Is Every Guy’s Nightmare And Every Girl’s Dream Come True

Valentine’s day is a day meant to be filled with love. Love for your significant other, for your best bro’s, your best girlfriends and even your family. It’s a day to celebrate love!  Of course, not everyone has it that easy. Teehee. Zoya Azar Raza decided to play a prank …

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Oops, This Indian Air Force Office Apparently Just Gave Away Military Secrets To Pakistan For Nude Pics

He’s definitely majorly screwed   This Indian officer just got himself in big trouble and it isn’t even Valentine’s day yet. Naturally, with the “day of love and lust” approaching, many single folks are reeking of desperation. It’s totally understandable, considering everywhere you look, you are reminded that just like …

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This Pakistani Newspaper Just Made A NSFW Mistake And People Can’t Stop LOL-ing

One funny mistake led people to lots of laughs   Let’s just all agree for a second that no one in the world is perfect. Everyone can make mistakes, no big deal. It’s just that at times one party’s mistakes end up being a source of great amusement for the …

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