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15 Of The Best Local Shops For Ice Cream In Lahore

Today, I want to begin today by talking about how utter shit foreign ice cream in Lahore is. One doesn’t even get a proper serving for the hundreds of rupees we pay yet they continue to flaunt their name off like they’re the best in the business. NO, in your …

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Lahore’s Favorite Dessert Place, Sweet Tooth, Is Exploring Exciting New Territories

Sweet Tooth, one of Lahore’s most favorite ice cream parlors, has just announced their next branch at… wait for it… Heera Mandi.   The brains behind Sweet Tooth, Mr. Umer Hussain, has always had something unique in mind for his business ventures. Sweet Tooth has gone as far as Mushkpuri …

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Lahore Just Got A Museum Of Ice Cream And We Are ALL Screaming For It

In 2017, one of the major trends that hit the west was the Museum of Ice Cream that dominated everyone’s news feeds, snapchat’s and Instagrams. Sprinkles GALORE, baby. How BAD did you want to dive into this everytime it showed up in your feed? And though this side of the …

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