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Jeremy McLellan Just Announced Which PSL Team He’s On And Fans Want Him In Pakistan ASAP

It’s no secret that Jeremy McLellan, AKA our honorary Pakistani AKA our Gora Desi AKA the love of our lives has gained a bit of a following in Pakistan. From his wise words on Birayni. Let’s solve this once and for all — Jeremy McLellan (@JeremyMcLellan) November 19, 2017 As …

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Jeremy McLellan Just Defended Pakistani Women And It Will Definitely Make You Go, “Wah Meray Cheetay”

The degree to which Pakistani women cover themselves is somehow often seen to be indicative of their character. In our country, if you do cover up pretty well and conform to certain societal expectations, aap shareef hain.  But if you don’t…? Via Giphy However, when we criticize this aspect of our nation, …

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Jeremy McLellan Just Explained The Differences Between Muslims And Christians Fasting In The Most Perfect Way

At this point, Biryani-loving American comedian Jeremy McLellan really doesn’t need any introductions. When he isn’t on stage being absolutely hilarious, he’s active on social media, reminiscing the days he spent in Pakistan. It’s kinda like he took a bit of Pakistan with him. Via Facebook McLellan has a HUGE following …

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