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So, Here’s Why Mullahs Are Blocking Streets Across Pakistan All Over Again

We witnessed previously during the Faizabad sit-in in Islamabad that several “mullahs” took to the streets of Pakistan. There were massive blockades (to entry points of Islamabad and Lahore) and we witnessed a media black out too.   The protest was started by a radical Pakistani political party called Tehreek …

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Today Is Mashal Khan’s Birthday And Here’s How Pakistanis Are Remembering Him

The entire country has come a long way since the lynching of Mashal Khan. It was an event which was able to open the eyes of many who refused the spread of radicalism in the country.   It has been proven that Mashal Khan was an innocent man who lost …

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The Fucked Up Story Of Pakistan’s Fixation With Throwing Things At Our Politicians

I came home from work a couple of days ago and my family has this habit of sitting down together at dinner time. My father has always been adamant that we all need to be together and attentive at that time, particularly because it is the 9pm news bulletin time. …

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Roads In Karachi Are Blocked In Preparation For PSL Final But Karachiites Are Freaking The Fuck Out

The PSL Final is causing a lot of trouble to the people of Karachi this Sunday with many waking up to lots of traffic, chaos and blockade on the streets.   So all the roads in Karachi leading to National Stadium have been blocked all of a sudden today All …

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