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Faculty Members Are Protesting The Lack Of Critical Thinking On The Campuses Of Pakistan

Pakistani universities are rarely ranked among the world’s best institutions for critical discourse and intellectual growth and a lot of it has to do with the suppression of independent thinking and creativity by university administrations and state regulated curriculums. In the past couple of days, the country has witnessed four …

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Today Is Mashal Khan’s Birthday And Here’s How Pakistanis Are Remembering Him

The entire country has come a long way since the lynching of Mashal Khan. It was an event which was able to open the eyes of many who refused the spread of radicalism in the country.   It has been proven that Mashal Khan was an innocent man who lost …

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Here’s How Pakistan Is Reacting To The Punishments Announced For Mashal Khan’s Murderers

The case of lynching of Mashal Khan was taken up by an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Haripur. The ATC is closed to reporters and the copy of verdict has not been issued yet.   Reports from outside the court say that one person has been sentenced to death, 5 have …

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