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Mawra Hocane Tried Supporting Salman Khan And It Backfired SO Badly

Mawra Hocane is a woman of many talents. She has been giving great performances in the entertainment industry. Her Bollywood debut got her accepted into the industry and was very well received. She has also had quite a few endorsements under her belt   Another person who has been in …

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I Went To The Lux Style Awards Last Night And Here’s Everything That Happened

The Lux Style Awards took place, last night, and well, it was as crazy as expected. There were so many celebrities all around, you’d get scared of tripping over some. While we were busy getting blinded by the brightness of the stars, they were showing us bucket loads of love, …

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17 Images From Your Favorite Pakistani Celebrities That Will Help You Survive This Week

February 20, 2018 You know how we absolutely looove knowing what our favorite celebrities are up to? And there are days when try as we may, we just miss out on some updates and then we feel bad about not being in touch with our filmy sides? Well, don’t fret, …

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13 Times Mawra Hocane Proved That She’s Perfected The Art Of Being The Kabab Mein Haddi

  So, all of us know that being a kabab mein haddi isn’t a particularly nice to do to a couple, but like that ain’t stopping us. In the third wheel club is none other than our very own Mawra Hocane. Ever since Urwa and Farhan got married, Mawra’s mastery over being …

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Here Are The Best Instagram Posts From Your Favorite Pakistani Celebrities This Week

February 10, 2018 Did you miss out on what your favorite Pakistani celebrities were up to this week? Were you too busy to catch up on what your idols and favorite stars were doing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a round up of what your faves were doing …

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