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“Jinnah” Just Roasted Men With One Tweet And, As Expected, They’re Having A Meltdown

Jinnah, the Twitter account, tweeted and some men are having a crazy meltdown.   So, the khana khud garam kar lo, debate rages on despite the actual Aurat March being about one month old it seems like some people are just unable to understand the purpose of the March. While it’s …

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Pakistani Women And Men Are Exposing Fuckbois And Fuckgirls In Secret Facebook Groups

This secret Facebook group war is SO ENTERTAINING. So before we get down to the dirty details, take a seat. Get a glass of water (because you’re going to need it), keep a tissue handy and get ready to ROFL.   Pakistani women had been naming and shaming desi fuckbois …

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Here Are 11 Of The Greatest Men’s Fashion Designers In Pakistan That Will Blow You Away

Pakistan is known to be one of the fastest growing fashion industries in the world. Although women’s fashion has taken off for many years, recently men’s designers have peaked as well. Lately, men have become conscious about their dressing and are starting to demand more designer clothing and is probably …

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Dear Desi Women, Here’s Why We Should Probably Start Making The First Move Ourselves

Picture this: There are two individuals who like each other. They’re pseudo-scening; flirting, making plans with each other in all their free time and what not – but no one’s addressed the elephant in the room yet. The guy’s considering asking the girl out. The girl’s waiting for the guy to …

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