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Pakistan Is Witnessing It’s Own #MeToo Movement Online And Many Harassers Are Being Exposed

It is extremely interesting how the interconnectivity via the internet allows individuals from all corners of the world to unite together for a cause. For the longest time, women in Pakistani circles have sought empowerment in isolation and have talked about issues relevant to women in the Pakistani society.   …

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Pakistani Celebrities Are Uniting For The #MeinBhi Campaign Through This Powerful Video. Here’s What It’s All About

When the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns began, no one anticipated the impact they’d have globally.  Source: chicagonow.com All of a sudden, notable individuals started coming under fire for their abuse of power. While the West saw this wave of change, many of us back home wondered when such a storm …

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These Inspiring Women All Across Pakistan Will Make You Say, YAAAS QUEENS

International Women’s Day is all about talking about issues pertaining to women all over the world – the day is a pledge to bring each other up and being stronger together because undoubtedly, there is strength in numbers. It embodies the message of having important femme conversations; one of which …

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Women In Pakistan And Across The World Are Coming Forward With Harassment Incidents They’ve Faced In Mosques

#MosqueMeToo is trending on Twitter and we’ll tell you why.   Earlier, a facebook user from Pakistan took to Facebook to open up about an incident and how it marred her entire experience of going to the Kaaba In an article by Stepfeed, Sabica highlighted her ordeal. It happened when …

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Women Are Sharing How They’ve Faced Harassment Even During Hajj And The World Is Shocked

A pilgrimage as holy as the Hajj, one does not expect harassment stories to emerge. However, women are coming forward with stories that prove that a holy place is no guarantee that harassment won’t occur.   Several women have faced harassment while performing Hajj They never opened up about it …

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