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If You’re Obsessed With Gigi Hadid, Wait Till You See Her Spicy Younger Brother

April 6, 2018 Having a palatable blend of Palestinian and Dutch genes is always a win-win spicy combo, judging from the Hadid clan, who are close to world domination (watch out Kardashians).   We all know Gigi and Bella (they’re toplining the world’s biggest mogul fashion brands, are total style …

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Before Being A News Anchor, Marvia Malik Was A Model. Here’s How Much Her Life Has Changed Since Then

By now, we all know that a local news channel, Koh-e-Noor, made history by hiring Pakistan’s first transgender news anchor. #Pakistan first transgender news caster on screen now – Maavia Malik pic.twitter.com/uXJipyrEfL — Shiraz Hassan (@ShirazHassan) March 23, 2018 Previously know as Maavia, and now known as Marvia, the newscaster …

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This Actress From “Aakhri Station” Just Brilliantly Spoke Up In Defence Of Sex Workers In Pakistan

Miniseries ‘Aakhri Station’ is the only constant in Pakistani television these days. Despite a plethora of dramas premiering on telly, ‘Aakhri Station’ has barely fluctuated in content, only progressing with each episode and tragically keying in on social taboos in Pakistani society. From HIV to prostitution and marital abuse, the Sarmad Khoosat production is …

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Let’s All Agree That Pakistani Model Rabia Butt Is A Straight Up Goddess

March 6, 2018 Rabia Butt has been a well-known face in the fashion industry for quite some time now, and while she’s undoubtedly one of the best models we have, she’s still incredibly overshadowed by the plethora of her contemporaries in the competitive realm. Also, someone also please totally cast …

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This Pakistani Model Is Breaking Into The World Of Art And It Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Rehmat Ajmal, one of the strongest faces in the Pakistani fashion world, holds more than meets the eye. Apart from her success in the modeling world she is actually an extremely talented artist, well rehearsed in the world of textile design. A recent graduate of National College of Arts, Rehmat Ajmal …

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