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Build Your Ideal Woman And We’ll Tell You Which Pakistani Female Celebrity Is Your Soulmate

Hey guys, how’s it going? Have you ever wondered which Pakistani female celebrity you’d love to hang with? Or, a step further, go out on a date with? Or let’s take it up a notch…marry? Well, we made a quiz for all the gals out there, and we thought we’d …

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Answer These 11 Questions And We’ll Tell You Which Pakistani Celebrity Is Your Style Twin

Our female Pakistani celebrities each have incredibly diverse and magnificent styles. They’ve become trailblazers for all of us, be it Mahira Khan always experimenting with her look, or Sajal’s gorgeous take on eastern wear. If you’ve ever wondered which Pakistani celebrity is your style twin, then take the quiz to …

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Here Is How Your Favorite Pakistani Celebrities Spent Their Week

We are all humans. We love to know what’s going on in the lives of our favorite celebrities. Whether it is a new single, a new haircut, a new relationship, we love keeping tabs on them. But what happens when you’re too busy in your own life? Kubhi tau aesa hota …

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13 Pakistani Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Were From Islamabad

Haye Islamabad has given us so much. A Capital, to start with. Some amaaazing Instagram images. And Centaurus. What the beautiful city has also given us is a boost to our Entertainment industry. These actresses and actors have added so much value to our television and film industry and we love …

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17 Images From Your Favorite Pakistani Celebrities That Will Help You Survive This Week

February 20, 2018 You know how we absolutely looove knowing what our favorite celebrities are up to? And there are days when try as we may, we just miss out on some updates and then we feel bad about not being in touch with our filmy sides? Well, don’t fret, …

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Here Are The Best Instagram Posts From Your Favorite Pakistani Celebrities This Week

February 10, 2018 Did you miss out on what your favorite Pakistani celebrities were up to this week? Were you too busy to catch up on what your idols and favorite stars were doing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a round up of what your faves were doing …

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