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13 Times “O Rungreza” Made Up For Its Pathetic Storyline With Beautiful Visuals

February 8, 2018 ‘O Rungreza’ started out fabulously, and I loved the sturdy first few episodes so much I was certain it was out to gather all storm and implode a magnitude of awe-inspiring acting coupled with a fabulous tale. However, the story quickly fell flat, and what I ended up …

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Saad From “Shayyad” Is A Real Man Who All Pakistani Dramas And Men Should Learn From

‘Shayyad’ is well written, with all other dramas floundering unfortunately despite having promising starts. While most dramas have plateaued at most (excluding the thrilling ‘Daldal’), ‘Shayyad’ has remained to flutter overhead with stocky wings. Saad (played by Uzair Jaswal) is the drama’s pillar, and honestly what every man should be. He’s imperfect, …

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