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I Just Started Watching Drama “Khamoshi” And I’m Disgusted At How Money Can Blind People

Family dynamics can sometimes be pretty complicated. Sometimes there are rifts between, and sometimes family members plot against one another. Matters only get worse when money comes into the scene. “Khamoshi” is one such example of how families are torn apart when they get greedy about money. While I’ve only started watching …

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Actress Sarah Khan Took On Feminism And We Want To Know What YOU Think

Women from the whole country came out on the streets on the 8th of March to reclaim their rights. To tell the people of the world, and especially of their country, that they will not back down. That they will fight for their rights and they will not let anything come in the …

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Oye Suno, Can You Guess Who These Pakistani Celebrities Are JUST By Their Smiles?

There are a lot of things we appreciate about the fine, fiiiine men of the Pakistani entertainment industry. Whether it is their hair, or their clothes, or their eyes, the way they speak, the way we have imagined walking into sunsets wi…. (wait did we just say that out loud?). Khaiiiiir, there …

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13 Quotes From Mahira Khan’s Interview That Will Give You Hope For The Future Of Pakistani Entertainment

Mahira Khan is an absolute star. She’s had an amazing run in the Pakistani entertainment. Whether it has been in dramas, films (both in Pakistan and India) or representing Pakistan on various avenues and platforms, across the world. Recently, in an interview with Newsweek, she opened up about tackling the …

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13 Reasons Why Actress Saboor Aly Is Definitely Someone To Watch Out For

Saboor Ali has been around for a few years, now, but she’s coming up to the surface and making a name for herself in the Pakistani drama industry. While she was earlier known just as Sajal Aly’s sister, but she’s made a place for herself. And going over her performances, …

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Here Are Some Of The Most Memorable Performances By The Legend Qazi Wajid

Qazi Wajid sahab‘s loss came as a shock to many who had grown up watching him act. Evenings where hours were spent ensconced by the fireplace, or cuddling up with the rest of the family and watching “Tanhaiyaan” and “Dhoop Kinare”. The way Qazi Wajid sahab brought his characters to life was a …

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