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11 Dramas By Umera Ahmed That Showed Pakistani Women In A Completely Different Light

Umera Ahmed has the most beautiful way with words, that we’ve come across in a really long time. She has not only been highlighting the vices in our society, but she’s also been a voice for women empowerment through her dramas. We take a closer look at why she is …

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Mannu Was A Spineless Idiot Who Tolerated Abuse And I Will Never Forgive “Mann Mayal”

Mannu from ‘Mann Mayal’ was an absolute idiot. While the play at most began faltering the moment Mannu and Salahuddin parted ways, you’d think a character like Mannu would redeem herself, given the leeway other protagonists were given in development, introspection and metamorphose. Her stubbornness and vindictiveness got the best …

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Kubra Khan Chopped Everything Off And She’s Never Looked Better

Ever wanted short hair, but have been a little too afraid with a case of the jitterbugs? Well, while there’s an international craze growing in the fashion realm for short hair, the trend just hit Pakistani shores. International celebrities have been gloriously adopting shorter hair, even chopping off so much …

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New Drama “Pukaar” Just Started And It Will Leave You Longing For The Next Episode

The kernel of ‘Pukaar’ is simple; a girl gets trapped in a rigid haveli dappled in patriarchy. The drama’s got a lot going for it, what with Yumna Zaidi and Zahid Ahmed headlining a Six Sigma Production. The first few teasers looked impressive, and what I’ve picked up is a suitcase primarily …

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13 Times “O Rungreza” Made Up For Its Pathetic Storyline With Beautiful Visuals

February 8, 2018 ‘O Rungreza’ started out fabulously, and I loved the sturdy first few episodes so much I was certain it was out to gather all storm and implode a magnitude of awe-inspiring acting coupled with a fabulous tale. However, the story quickly fell flat, and what I ended up …

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