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Aisha Khan Announced She’s Getting Married And Is This Why She Left The Industry?

April 4, 2018 Wedding bells really are ringing gloriously in our sweet air these days. Feroze Khan’s wonderful string of shaadi functions just ended and now it seems like it’s another actor’s turn! A little while ago, Aisha Khan announced her unfortunate departure from the entertainment industry after a decade of fabulous …

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Syra, Shahroz And Their Family’s Grand Mehndi Is THE Wedding You’ll Want An Invite To

March 16, 2018 Just when you thought shaadi season was over, think again! The Sheikh and Sabzwari (from Syra, Shahroz to Shahzad and Javed jee) clan got together in Lahore to celebrate Jamal Shaykh’s wedding, with a grand nikkah and the famous Badshahi masjid followed by an EPIC mehndi that we honestly wish we were invited to! #sigh   Actors …

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This Pakistani Dulhan’s Creative Entrance On An Animal Will Blow You Away

It may seem like shaadi season is over, but let’s not kid ourselves. If you live in Pakistan then it’s basically shaadi season all year around which means neverending dances, crazy outfits, and of course creative entrances. Whether it be your best friend’s mehndi or your cousin’s walima slowly, the …

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This Pakistani Bride Didn’t Cover Her Head For Her Marriage And Her Powerful Statement Has Left People Divided

Marriage is one of the most important events in an individual’s life. So it is equally important to do what one is extremely comfortable with. Makeup artist, Hermaine Khan, recently got married and challenged one norm that people don’t generally talk about. In her Instagram story, she asks women whether …

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This Groom Just Made His Entrance On A Magic Carpet And It Is A WHOLE NEW WORLD

Shaadi season is slowly, I repeat, slowly, winding down which means the insane dances, grand decor and absurd outfits (that we LOVE) are coming to an end. But of course, we won’t let it get away from us that easy. PLEASE, take a look at this groom entering his wedding …

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