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Here Are 13 Of Your Favorite Pakistani Celebrities’ Very First Tweets

Share Tweet WhatsApp Recently we put together some of your favorite celebs’ first Instagram posts, so the next obvious shift was to see what they tweeted for the first time. So here you have, a complete list of some Pakistani stars and their first tweets: Let’s begin with Pakistan’s sweetheart, Mahira …

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Imran Khan Just Dipped His Pizza In Coffee And People Are Completely Losing Their Shit

Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi tabdeeli aa gayi hai!   Imran Khan was recently spotted dipping pizza in his coffee and people on the internet completely lost it. Chai rusk makes sense but who in the world dips pizza in coffee? WHO?! Source Conaco Apparently IK, but the question is: WHY! We’ve heard …

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Shahbaz Taseer Just Got Into A Twitter Feud With A Troll And It Got Pretty Out Of Hand

So recently, Imran Khan went on air and said that he is the ‘most popular Pakistani EVER’. Some people weren’t too happy with this announcement. Among those people was Shahbaz Taseer: IK says he is the most popular and most well known Pakistani in the world. Lololol. He obviously doesn’t …

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